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For one-to-one coaching, AcComm employs Marshall Goldsmith’s model of leadership & behavioral coaching. Our coaches have wide experience helping leaders change and succeed.

Executive Coaching by AcComm and Image International

Our mission is to help successful leaders achieve positive, long-term, measurable change in behavior. The process is being used by coaches around the world for this same purpose.  When the steps in the process are followed, leaders almost always achieve positive behavioral change – not as assessed by themselves, but as assessed by pre-selected, key co-workers.

Executive Coaching and Leadership Coaching by AcComm and Image International

We help successful leaders get even better—by achieving positive, lasting change in behavior: for themselves, their people, and their teams.

Customized to the development needs:

Aims to enhance Leaders’ ability and strengthen their potential to:

  • recognize the roles of effective leader in strategizing for the long term success and executing the near term objectives
  • recognize the roles of effective leader in developing individuals for today’s and future organization
  • develop strategy to master the change curve successfully
  • develop a great workplace and be a role-model
  • enable subordinates to take accountability and excel in their leadership roles
  • delegate and empower people effectively
  • lead diverse workgroup effectively

and many more…………

 Leaders who participate in the program will also benefit in:

  • achieving more consistent success
  • improving their job satisfaction and team engagement
  • creating better focus on important priorities
  • gaining greater control over career path

Official website, please click: www.aclc-asia.com

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Atchara Juicharern - ICF Professional Certified Coach
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