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        ประชาชาติธุรกิจ ดร. อัจฉรา จุ้ยเจริญ สัมภาษณ์           GM Magazine สัมภาษณ์ ดร. เจี๊ยบ อัจฉรา

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Learning Together

Visiting AcComm’s Office

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AcComm & Image International

AcComm & Image International

AcComm & Image International provides learning solution to organizations in Thailand and other countries in Asia. We partner with training and development program providers around the world that are creating the most innovative and effective programs utilizing the latest and the most practical performance models.

Leadership Development Affiliate of Dr. Marshall Goldsmith in Thailand

Exclusively Delivering Think on Your Feet(R) in Thailand

ICF Approved Coach Specific Training Hours Programs (ACSTH and CCE)

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